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    We ordered kitchen furniture. We are very satisfied with the results and communication: - completed the work according to the agreed plan; - helped with the choice of kitchen colors; - when coordinating the layout, explained in a reasonable way how it is more appropriate/better. It is very convenient that “Margas genys” has great partners, especially household appliances. We are happy with “Daneka” service and quality.


    If you need quality, if you need humanity, if you need the right approach to a long-term relationship with the client, and not “продал и я убежал” variant, then “Margas Genys” is a superb team. They helped, they fulfilled, we are happy. And we will do future projects with them again.

    Aivaras Bakanas

    We are very satisfied with the quality of "Margas genys" work. Also, I want to emphasize promptness and speed in cooperation. We felt responsibility and professionalism at every step. We recommend, for those who seek quality.

    Judesio diagnostikos klinika