our partners

Fulhaus helps to choose kitchen appliances that are more than smart devices – it‘s a style concept as well as the way to enjoy moments of cooking food with your family, having coffee with friends as a ritual. Fulhaus is an official partner of the biggest manufacturers in domestic appliances in Lithuania which works with such well-known German brands as Neff, Bosch, Gaggenau and Miele. By choosing your individual product of elegance and style you select to optimize your time and ensure the outstanding quality of life. The team works for the appliances that would embody your expectations and eliminate all your troubles.

Mano Sofa is a salon that takes pride in offering a great variety of high quality sofas and armchairs as well as having 25 years experience in manufacturing. The furniture is conceptualised and designed by professional Swedish designers with a deep understanding of Scandinavian style, and implemented  by recognized experts from Kaunas, Lithuania. Mano Sofa focuses on fast oder fulfillment, therefore some popular sofas and armchairs are already available in the showroom.  The term of personal product manufacturing is approximately 4-5 weeks.  The main purpose and vision of Mano sofa is to go beyond the customers‘ expectations.

The idea behind EVADAY was born of the need and love for embroidery, which have been passed on to the next generation. At the beginning, the mission of the company was to provide customers with table linens designed and cut to individual need. Today EVADAY serves not only private clients, but also cafés, restaurants, and other establishments – all without losing the personal touch of the family business run by mother and daughter. The company focuses on quality, durability, and sustainability and uses only the first-rate raw materials for all our products. EVADAY seeks for customer delight by making bespoke designs to manufacture, packaging and despatch. Unlike many other popular materials in table linens, fabrics chosen by the company are highly distinctive as they are long-lasting, quick to dry, lightweight, as well as wrinkle- and stain-resistant. EVADAY products are currently available in Lithuania, the European Union and around the world.

NM Saloni is a showroom for modern, timeless furniture and accessories of hight quality for home and commercial spaces.  The salon offers a wide range of furniture as well as helps customers create a cosy, comfortable and exclusive home environment that is both pleasing to the eye and long-lasting. The products are distinguished by their comfort, elegant grace, high standards and durability, therefore,  NM Saloni represents only globally-recognised, socially-responsible brands with ingenious solutions. NM Saloni cooperates with various partners, top-level suppliers and manufacturers from such countries as Italy, Spain, Denmark, etc. and participates in well-known international exhibitions and conferences showing the latest trends and innovations in interior and furniture design.

Aesthetic external solutions in an already designed space – selection of finishing materials, colors and textures. Space planning with the help of furniture, lighting, decorative partitions. Selection of textiles and details, and individual search for works of art.

Interior decoration for photo sessions with the possibility of purchasing props.

Whether you are an architect, an interior designer or a home furnisher yourself – working together we will always create the best result.

An hour, a day or a year with me in search of the best solutions. We meet live or remotely, wherever you are.

Laikas Namams” are a specialized bathroom and kitchen appliance store, with a team of experts who have contributed to the installation of more than 15,000 superior homes.

Collected experience and a wide range of the top brands gives them the opportunity to fulfill individual and exclusive customer projects. From vivid, colorful bathrooms to highly regulated public facilities.

They support their customers from the first step – product selection and exploration, to the last step – product delivery and installation, which is why “Laikas Namams” are real project managers in the field of plumbing!

They pay special attention to the assortment they have. Their priority is the high-quality of items, aesthetic and functionality.